Path of Flames by Michael Anderle, Bradford Bates

Path of Flames by Michael Anderle, Bradford Bates (Code Name Viridian #2)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

How do you fight an enemy you barely understand, let alone see coming?
Project Viridian promised a new frontier, but for Helen, it’s become an alien battleground. With her life flipped upside down, can Helen survive long enough to see rescue ships that might never arrive?
Hunter Allen regrets his choice as the mission spirals out of control. Should he have called Vincent, the only man never to fail him? Now, with Helen missing, will Vincent heed the call for the sister he left behind?
Vincent is on a collision course with his past, determined to save Helen at any cost.

But can he face the demons of a life he tried to leave behind? And what of Nomi, who sees the hero beneath the scars—will their budding connection survive the trials ahead?
Layani sees the invaders’ ships, but are they harbingers of doom or saviors? Can her people reclaim their sacred grounds, and what ancient secrets might they unearth if they do?

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