Pretend To Be Dead by Jack Gatland

Pretend To Be Dead by Jack Gatland (Detective Inspector Declan Walsh #17)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

It’s all fun and games – until somebody dies…

When a body is found beside the Roman Fort Gate on the London Wall, dressed as a Roman Soldier and with an antique Roman Gladius stabbed into their chest, it’s tasked to DCI Declan Walsh and the team of the Last Chance Saloon to investigate the murder, leading them into a rabbit hole of similarly themed attacks – as re-enactors perform real-life battles at various locations for a “History of London” celebration during the day, with some taking a darker and more brutal approach at night.

With the clock ticking and the body count rising, can Declan and his team find the reasons for the murders and stop them, before the celebration’s showpiece – a recreation of the Londinium Boudicca uprising, with over a hundred re-enactors on either side – ends in disaster?

And can they do all this while D Supt Monroe, preparing for his upcoming wedding, discovers he’s still married – but not to the woman he thought he once was?

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