Private Monaco by James Patterson & Adam Hamdy

Private Monaco by James Patterson & Adam Hamdy (Private #19)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The clock is ticking.
To save her life you must take another.
When Jack Morgan is invited to the luxurious Monaco coast to set up a new Private office, it seems like the perfect opportunity to relax in an iconic destination.
But the vacation is quickly cut short when Jack’s partner Justine is abducted.
The kidnappers send Jack clear instructions – and a gun.

If he wants to see the woman he loves again, he must take a life in exchange for hers.
Jack soon becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy that will come to a head at the Monaco Grand Prix.
Hours from disaster, Jack must find Justine and her kidnappers – and put a stop to whatever they have planned next.

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