Rewrite by Emmy Ellis

Rewrite by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate #19)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 775 KB

Janet has hidden a secret since her childhood and intends to keep it that way—until someone snoops and finds out she isn’t who she says she is. She’s desperate to keep George Wilkes on her side; there are still so many plans that involve him, and she won’t allow them to be derailed. For once in her life, she wants things to go exactly her way. But with Charlene and Maggie meddling, as always, Janet is plunged into doing things she doesn’t want to.

Incensed by truths being kept from him, hurt by what he considers a betrayal, George is on the warpath. He’s out to discover exactly what went on in Janet’s past and unearth the lies she’s told. The problem is, she’s covered her tracks so well, he worries he’ll never get to the bottom of it, but with another child death cropping up and a grieving father tugging at his heartstrings, he teeters on the edge of allowing the red mist to lead him into big trouble.

Ichabod is sent in to break through Janet’s façade and find any weak spots. The wiry Irishman will do anything for the twins, including murder, and killing Janet won’t faze him. If that’s what they want, that’s what he’ll do. He dreams of being a part of The Brothers’ coveted inner circle, and this task might just take him farther up the ladder than he ever envisaged…

A little girl’s birthday party. An instruction to kill. Death. Twins who show no mercy. It isn’t going to end well, is it, my old son…

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