Rise of the Strongest Sovereign by Kaz Hunter

Rise of the Strongest Sovereign by Kaz Hunter
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A man trapped in a live-streamed reality dungeon crawl battles monsters for his life—and for the fate of the world—in this fantasy for fans of Squid Game.
Jason Lee came to New York City to see the sights. But his plans quickly change when the Apocalypse Protocol is initiated. Rifts open across the Earth, unleashing hordes of monsters upon humanity. But gateways to dungeons also appear and, with them, opportunity.
Finally, there’s a system announcement: some individuals will be bestowed with powers and abilities to combat the monsters and protect their fellow humans. And when a dungeon materializes in Times Square, causing gargoyles to attack the streets of Manhattan, Jason discovers he’s one of the Awakened—and he’s live streaming to a global audience!

Now, viewers cheer Jason on as he competes in a high-stakes battle for survival. The more he fights, the more he can level up and adapt. With the help of online admirers and the minions at his command, he might just be able to rise above the competition and cement his status as the Strongest Sovereign . . .
One thing is certain: Jason’s vacation is definitely over.

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