Savage Skies by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Savage Skies by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 406 KB

From the NYT bestselling author of the Hell Divers series, comes a brand new look at the future in this thrilling sci-fi military novella.

A hostile world that will doom the human race … or save it, if a few survivors can unlock its secrets …
After waking up with no memories in an underground facility, a squad of elite soldiers and scientists must try to recall what their mission is. But first, it’s a race against the clock to escape their collapsing bunker before it becomes a tomb. Topside, an even more dangerous world of fiery skies and desolate terrain awaits.

As they venture out to explore their strange new surroundings, bits of memory begin to return, though nothing can prepare them for the strange forces protecting this bleak landscape. Worse, it seems that not everyone on the team wants the mission—whatever it is—to succeed. One thing is certain: the world they remember is gone, destroyed by war or natural disaster. Soon, they will learn that they must unlock the past if they are to have any hope of ever seeing the future.

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