Shadows of Gray by Jodi Walter

Shadows of Gray by Jodi Walter (The Jed Gray Series #1)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the heart of New York City plagued by crime, the opioid epidemic, and mental health crisis, the NYPD Chief of Police proposes an audacious experiment. A partnership born of necessity – blending the skills of two enigmatic experts.

Jed Gray and Christie Jamison, handpicked for their unrivaled expertise. Jed, a therapist with a unique ability to see through the layers of the human mind, and Christie, a relentless detective whose intuition knows no bounds. Together, they make an unlikely pair.
Less than 24 hours in, a murder thrusts them into action, with Jed Gray as the prime suspect. As the clock ticks and another murder shatters the fragile calm, will their untested partnership survive?

For Jed, the answer lies buried in his past—a past he vowed never to return. Will he unlock the key to the case, or will the past consume him?
Brace yourself for the exciting journey of Jed and Christie as they navigate through truth, deception, friendship, and betrayal.

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