She Didn’t Fall by Rowen Chambers

She Didn’t Fall by Rowen Chambers
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 665 KB

Luxury real estate agent Blaire Banks was delighted when her friends surprised her with a party for her 40th birthday. With fabulous food and endless champagne, it was a wonderful evening… until a fall down the stairs nearly took Blaire’s life.
As she recovers, Blaire’s unable to remember what happened that night. Why did she fall? And why did it take an hour before anyone found her?

When she returns to the house where the party was held, her memories from that night return. She’s horrified when she realizes she didn’t fall down the stairs. Someone pushed her. But who?
The guests at her party were her friends. Neighbors. Coworkers. None of them would want to harm her. Or would they?

As Blaire races to figure out who might’ve done it, she discovers disturbing truths about the people around her. People she trusted and thought she knew, including her own husband.
She’s running out of time. Whoever tried to kill her at the party didn’t succeed.
But they’re about to try again.

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