Sin and Sorrow by Michael R. Fletcher

Sin and Sorrow by Michael R. Fletcher (City of Sacrifice #3)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cloud Serpent spoke in death and venom.
Half Bastion’s pantheon are dead, and more gods fall with every passing day. The underworld is ash, seared clean of souls by the Staff of the Fifth Sun. The nahual war among themselves, each sect battling to bring their deity to dominance. The veil is torn, the ghosts of dead gods, demons, and banished sorcerers clawing their way back into the city. Eternal Bastion is divided, her ancient stone crumbling.

Left brittle and cracked by the death of her friends, Nuru swears to rid Bastion of parasitic gods. Wielding the Staff of the Fifth Sun, the deranged Mother Death riding her soul, she stalks the pantheon one by one.
Fleeing his failures, riding the ragged edge of brain-burn, Akachi pursues his prey into the inner rings. If he doesn’t catch them before they murder the last god, all Bastion is doomed. For religion does not play a part in a civilization, it defines it.

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