Six Days Spent by Luana Ehrlich

Six Days Spent by Luana Ehrlich (Mylas Grey Mysteries #6)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

When private investigator Mylas Grey gets a call from the wife of a high-profile Pentagon official, he assumes it’s about their appointment to discuss a possible stalker.
It’s not. It’s about her husband—he’s just been murdered.
Mylas agrees to investigate the murder, even though he’s supposed to help Whitney find a place to live in the next six days. Can he do both?
As it turns out, finding a killer and finding a house have a lot in common . . .
Both require connections . . .

Not only does Mylas need access to a neighborhood security video, as well as the password to a secret Pentagon file, he also needs a realtor who understands Whitney’s housing needs.
Both take patience . . .
When Mylas discovers he has two viable suspects, he’s forced to spend several days piecing together the evidence to unmask the real killer, while he and Whitney must work their way through numerous property listings.
Both encounter dead ends . . .

Mylas is frustrated when his efforts to locate a suspicious vehicle are stymied, and he’s equally discouraged when Whitney’s housing search hits a roadblock.
Both involve twists and turns. . .
As Mylas closes in on the killer, he faces an unexpected challenge. Meanwhile, as Whitney chooses a place to live, she’s confronted with a decision she wasn’t anticipating.
In the end, what Mylas discovers is that finding a killer and finding a house are similar, but only one of them is likely to get him killed.

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