Slayer by Flint Maxwell

Slayer by Flint Maxwell (Carver #3)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sometimes, you can’t outrun your destiny.
In the spine-chilling third installment of the Carver series, join John Carver, now a new recruit of the monster-hunting organization the Order of the Octopus, as he dives deeper into the world of the supernatural.

To earn his initiation Tentacle tattoo, John, alongside two fellow recruits, must embark on a mission to a small West Virginian town plagued by a recent string of grisly murders and inexplicable injuries that have left local law enforcement baffled. Racing against time to prevent more deaths, John, Harry, and Annette will have to confront an ancient evil threatening to engulf the world as we know it.
Can they reach into his heart and find the strength to beat the entity, or will the darkness within the town consume them all?

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