Song of Ruse by Paul Knox

Song of Ruse by Paul Knox (Reece Cannon #9)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Without a memory . . . who are you?
In the electrifying conclusion to the Crescendo Trilogy, Agent Reece Cannon is at the edge of an abyss. Her memory is fractured, her past a fragmented jigsaw puzzle that refuses to come together.
Now she’s entrenched in the shadowy world of a secret society, her true identity hidden beneath layers of deception.
She finds herself inexplicably drawn to the society’s ruthless brand of justice — a stark echo of the brutality she’s endured through the years. Straddling the line between right and wrong, her identity becomes a blurred landscape.
Could she become an instrument of the very society she set out to dismantle?
Across the divide, Agent Tommy Shanahan is locked in his own battle. Consumed by worry for Reece, he grapples with his mounting concern for her safety, and a heart-rending confession of love he fears she might never remember. As he fights to protect Reece from the dangers of her job, their relationship — if you can call it that — consists of forgotten memories and unspoken emotions.

Unveiling an intricate tapestry of manipulation, the secret society’s influence stretches back to the dawn of American history. They have been the orchestrators behind countless events, their shadowy tendrils shaping the course of nations, giving birth to countless conspiracies. As the shroud lifts and past deceptions come to light, the society’s grip on the country’s destiny is revealed to be far more sinister than anyone could have imagined.
The stage is set for a final showdown, a high-stakes ballet of suspense at a grand concert hall amidst the haunting melodies of an orchestra. As the curtain rises, allegiances shift and lines blur in a dance of intrigue, deceit, and passion.

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