Space Activity Lab: Exciting Space Projects for Budding Astronomers by DK

Space Activity Lab: Exciting Space Projects for Budding Astronomers by DK
English | 2023 | Education & Reference

Uncover the mysteries of space with 25 creative projects and stargazing activities that are out of this world

Discover the wonders of our awe-inspiring universe.

If you stare at the stars and wonder what’s out there and enjoy practical hands-on projects, this is the book for you! Each of the super-fun make-and-do projects in this book comes with simple step-by-step photographs and instructions that will inspire your imagination and reveal some of the secrets of space.

Perfect for kids who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Space Activity Lab features projects that explore the solar system to asteroids and from the Milky Way to moon buggies. You’ll combine astronomy with art and craft by launching your own rocket, building a moon lander to learn how astronauts touch down safely on the moon’s surface, making a pinhole camera to observe a solar eclipse, designing your own orrery to understand how planets orbit the sun, and creating a cardboard model to explore the phases of the moon. And for when darkness falls, there’s a star finder section that shows you how to spot incredible constellations in the night sky, from The Big Dipper to Orion. Throughout the book, information boxes full of fascinating facts and panel stories explain the science.

Space Activity Lab is the perfect package for creative kids who are interested in exploring the great mysteries of the night sky, infinity, and beyond!

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