Spark of the Divine by Louise Holland

Spark of the Divine by Louise Holland (The Kalaraak Chronicles #1)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy


As a Divine, Mae wields her strange gifts working as a mercenary, until a simple rescue job has the crew uncover a plot to steal divinity from the gods. And when the god Mae serves is attacked, she must find a way to restore their power—before the entire seven realms will be thrown into chaos.

With the kingdom of Altaea already on the edge of war, and the divinity of all gods at stake, the crew must travel beyond their country and their realm to save it. But each member has their own agenda, and forbidden romance and deadly betrayal threaten to break them apart.

Originally inspired by a years-long Dungeons and Dragons campaign and the first instalment of the epic fantasy series The Kalaraak Chronicles, SPARK OF THE DIVINE brings a group of reluctant heroes on a quest to save a god, as the fate of their realm hangs in the balance. Will they each find what they desperately seek, or will the secrets they keep from one another be their undoing? Can they master their fears to defeat an evil their world has never seen?

Is it the strength of the god that matters, or the belief of the Divine?

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