Stars Ascending by Heather Smith

Stars Ascending by Heather Smith
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

What if your nightmares of love and death were real?

Thunder cracked overhead, angels flew through the air, Gods battling on a field. Her best friend dead in front of her beside her mother’s cold body. Ice blue eyes pleading with her, a sword protruding from her chest.

Carolynn Starr always felt like a freak, being abandoned at birth, reading minds, and speaking to animals wasn’t normal, but her life was. That is until she met Donnie, a stranger that came into her life just as she started having the same repeated nightmare. Now she can’t escape him, he’s around every corner, consuming every thought. She can’t help the pull she feels towards the man she just met, but what does he have to do with her dreams? Facing threats against her life, a prophecy, and a world she never knew existed, she wonders who she can trust, including herself.

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