Storm’s Target by Mary Stone, Amy Wilson

Storm’s Target by Mary Stone, Amy Wilson (Amelia Storm #11)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Hunting season is open, and humans are the game.
In her new role with the Bureau’s Violent Crime Unit, Special Agent Amelia Storm is ready to focus on new types of crimes—ones that aren’t mob related. She didn’t, however, expect her first case to take her to rural Illinois, where the tranquil waters of Lake Henry have been guarding a grim secret.
Three corpses…and that’s just the beginning.
Among the deceased are two recent victims, a young couple last seen camping in the nearby wilderness preserve. A third, a grim echo from years past, is a set of bones picked clean and left to whisper secrets of an older, darker crime. The only connection between the victims, besides the location of their bodies, is the ancient rune carved into their skull. Shockingly, a ViCAP search of the distinctive symbol reveals eighteen sets of linked murders occurring over the past decade.
All murdered in pairs.

As Amelia and her partner delve deeper into the case, a disturbing realization dawns—they aren’t hunting a lone serial killer but two. Working in tandem, these predators stalk their victims under the veil of darkness.
Now the interval between murders is shortening, and the killers are escalating. Amelia must turn the hunter into the hunted…before they target their next victims.

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