Temple Of Silence by Richard Strachan

Temple Of Silence by Richard Strachan (Warhammer Age of Sigmar)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The intrepid Galen and Doralia ven Denst continue their adventures in this new novel. The father and daughter return from a taxing mission, seeking solace in the mysterious Temple of Silence, only to find it houses a dark secret.

Drawn into a terrible conspiracy and beset by enemies on all sides, Galen and Doralia are forced to fight not only the fell beasts stalking the forest, but merciless rulers who will stop at nothing to cling to power. See how the ven Densts cope with their toughest challenge yet.

Moonhallow harbours a dreadful secret, and it keeps the populace in a perpetual state of anxiety – not that the town’s ruthless arbiter is prepared to do anything about it.

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