The Archive of Feelings by Peter Stamm

The Archive of Feelings by Peter Stamm, Translated by Michael Hofmann
English | 2023 | General Fiction

Given a second chance with an old love, a coolly detached archivist questions the life he could have had, and whether it’s not too late to live it.

Forty years ago—almost a lifetime—he confessed his love to a classmate and close friend, Franziska. Now, living in his late mother’s house with the obsolete archive of the newspaper he once worked for, he looks back on days spent poring over files and clippings, increasingly withdrawn from the world. His occasional relationships never amounted to anything, and the memory of Franziska—who became pop singer Fabienne—continues to haunt him as she appears in the media.

When the two cross paths again, the possibility of a different life feels achingly real. But should he risk the comfort of his ordered existence for a romance that might never match what he imagined?
A subtle, mesmerizing portrait of late-blooming passion, The Archive of Feelings showcases Peter Stamm at his best.

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