The Bad Man by Gary Winston Brown

The Bad Man by Gary Winston Brown (Jordan Quest Series #9)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 302 KB

Throughout her long and distinguished career, Judge Nicole Maynard has sentenced many dangerous criminals to life behind bars, but none so heinous as Percival Cramer.
For three years, the serial killer terrorized the people of California. One hundred fell victim to the family annihilator. Now safely locked away in maximum security in Victorville State Penitentiary, Percival is no longer considered a threat to the public. Or is he?

When a mysterious letter is delivered to Judge Maynard’s attention, she learns that the killer, who she has long since forgotten about, has never forgotten her. The message of revenge in the note is clear: You take mine, I take yours.
Meanwhile, in Victorville, a sophisticated plan has been set in motion to free Percival Cramer and kidnap Judge Maynard’s only daughter, Evelyn, and her granddaughter, Charlotte.

With the state’s most dangerous fugitive on the run and the lives of two innocents hanging in the balance, FBI Special Agents Jordan Quest and Chris Hanover have been charged with leading a multi-agency task force to find Percival Cramer and bring him to justice.
Will Jordan’s psychic ability help the team find the serial murderer and his accomplices before time runs out for Evelyn and Charlotte, or will Percival Cramer soon claim his next victims?

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