The Birdcage Library by Freya Berry

The Birdcage Library by Freya Berry
English | 2023 | Historical Mystery | 645 KB

The answers to a puzzle lie hidden within an old book. Open The Birdcage Library and let the treasure hunt begin…
The year is 1882, and the most important thing, unknown reader, is this: The man I love is trying to kill me.
It’s 1932 and adventuress and plant-hunter Emily Blackwood accepts a commission from Heinrich Vogel, a former dealer of exotic animals in Manhattan, living now with his macabre collection in a remote Scottish castle.

Emily is tasked to find a long-lost treasure which Heinrich believes has been hidden within the castle walls. But instead she discovers the pages of a diary, written by Hester Vogel, who died after falling from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hester’s diary leads Emily to an old book The Birdcage Library and into a treasure hunt of another kind, one that will take her down a dangerous path for clues, and force her to confront her own darkest secret…
With fiendish clues and clever twists, The Birdcage Library will delight and dazzle you to the final page.

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