The Blind Spot by C.R. Chandler

The Blind Spot by C.R. Chandler (Special Agent Ricki James #9)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 396 KB

“They’re saying I killed my friend. . .”
Special Agent Ricki James is enjoying some quiet time off in her hometown near Seattle. Surrounded by family, friends, and her boyfriend, Clay, the local Chief of Police, she’s sure life can’t get any more serene and relaxing. But when the phone rings, the voice on the other end belongs to one of her best friends. And he is in big trouble.

Anchorman is a retired Marine sniper, as well as the cook at the diner he co-owns with Ricki. But instead of being behind the stove, he’s in jail in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he’d gone camping with an old friend. It’s unthinkable that the man with an iron-clad code of honor murdered a fellow Marine in cold blood. Ricki makes sure she is on the next plane headed for Tennessee, determined to clear him. But knowing something and proving it are two different things, as every piece of evidence leads her right back to Anchorman.

With time running out before the decorated Marine is tossed into a Federal prison to wait for a trial, Ricki fights an unknown enemy to uncover the truth— about Anchorman’s old friend, and what really happened that night in the backcountry of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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