The Broken Sister by Leigh M. Hall

The Broken Sister by Leigh M. Hall
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Two sisters, one secret.
Mallory Moore’s life is so repetitive, she can no longer tell one day from the next. Is the lack of a social life because she prefers to be alone, or is there something the caring nurse is trying to hide? Her entire existence has become one big blur. Until her long-lost twin sister shows up in the middle of the night and turns Mallory’s world upside down.
The two may look identical, but looks can be deceiving, as they have never been anything alike. Madeline attempts to make amends with the sister she left behind many years ago, while Mallory does everything she can to avoid the unwelcome intrusion. Hurt still sits heavily on her heart. Forgiveness will not happen easily.

Madeline has always been a loose cannon. Has she matured in the last ten years, grown a conscience, changed? Mallory is slowly realizing that her sister has only gotten worse during her absence. One mishap after another piles up when Madeline takes it too far by posing as her sister while doing heinous things.
Before she can cause any more damage, Madeline takes off once again, leaving her sister to face the consequences. How long will she be able to stay hidden this time? Will one sister have to face the awful truth of a deeply hidden secret alone?

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