The Chaos Wielder by AE Cosby, Anissa Cosby

The Chaos Wielder by AE Cosby, Anissa Cosby (The Chaos #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 644 KB

Xavia had been content with her life as a bounty hunter. She had control over her own contracts, got to sleep where and with whom she wanted, and could drown in the bloodlust that was cage fighting. Even when blackouts threatened to leave her dead in a ditch, she took life for what it was; chaotic.

That is, until her life is upended when the Angel of Wrath crash lands into Euhaven and destroys her city. Xavia’s called upon by the Monarch to join a Special Forces team to find The Chaos Wielder; the only being in the world that can defeat the Angel of Wrath. When Xavia falls for two males on the team, will she be able to focus on the mission or will she get swept up in their fire and storm?

Aurelio wasn’t quite sure how he could get through to Xavia. After knowing her for twelve years, he hoped that she would realize that her life was teetering on the edge of oblivion. He loved her, not just as a friend, but more. But how could he say that without risking his heart being broken again? When the Monarch adds Xavia to his Special Forces team, he isn’t sure what is worse; her being in danger, or his need to have her.

Quade hated Xavia with a passion. He hated the way she led his Captain and best friend, Aurelio, on for years. He always had to clean up the mess she left Aurelio in. Having only seen her a few times over the last decade, it comes as a surprise when he finds he’s immediately attracted to her when they prepare for the Monarch’s mission. His fury met hers and their mutual disdain for each other was clear. The question was; when would they implode?

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