The Chasm by Bronwyn Hall

The Chasm by Bronwyn Hall
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Atmospheric, thrilling and twisty – a white-knuckled mystery set among Victoria’s most rugged mountains from an exciting new voice in Australian noir. Perfect for fans of Wake and Exiles.

Every town needs somewhere to hide their secrets.
Andy King knew she should never return to Stonefield. Ten years ago, her boyfriend Will Hoffman disappeared without a trace and most people in the town thought she was to blame. But a decade is a long time to be homesick, and she isn’t technically going back there. Only to Taplin, a small town in the neighbouring valley, far enough away from Stonefield she can stay under the radar, but close enough to the mountains that she can feel their pulse and breathe their special brand of oxygen. And it’s only for four weeks, after all.

But Andy didn’t bargain on running into those who are still looking for Will, the ones who have the most to lose if he is ever found. Andy will go to her grave before she reveals what had happened back then, but when she realises that those same people have other secrets hidden in the mountains, it’s clear she’s once again in their way. And this time sending her to her grave is exactly their intention.

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