The Dam Keeper by Andrew Turpin

The Dam Keeper by Andrew Turpin (Jayne Robinson #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Water torture . . . A US army dam engineer is targeted in a Kremlin honeytrap and a Russian mole killed in Ukraine after passing on key information to the CIA. The question is why? Operative Jayne Robinson is asked to find out.
As Moscow prepares to invade Ukraine, Robinson uncovers evidence of a Russian plot, masterminded by a mystery Kremlin puppet, to destroy a critical hydroelectric dam.
But which one?
As the young dam engineer disappears after hearing too much, apparently kidnapped by a dangerous Russian seductress, Robinson finds herself in a desperate race against time down the River Danube to locate him.

Nothing is what it seems: Robinson is forced to take on spiraling risks—urged on by a US President who is preparing for a visit to Kyiv to support his Ukrainian counterpart.
To make progress, Robinson gets involved in a high-stakes game of international poker with a top-level asset inside the Russian president’s inner circle—who was recruited under coercion.
But with the threat of a biblical-scale flood looming, can the asset now be trusted? Can Robinson find out which dam is at risk? Which shadowy figure is behind the plot to destroy it? And can her knife-edge operation to rescue the missing engineer succeed?

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