The Dark Witch by James Wood

The Dark Witch by James Wood (The Chronicles of the Ebon Knight #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ruin and Woe.
Kelso Hart, the grim Knight of myth and legend, has been grievously wounded and is at death’s door. The youngest Princess of the Dark, Ava Pentran, risked it all to save him and will risk yet more to see him recover. Storm clouds gather around from all sides as the two outcasts regroup at a safe harbor, surrounded by friends and companions, old and new. Enemies from the Dark, the Light, and the Other are all on the march, and Ava’s shadowed half, the Dark Witch, may be the only force that can save them – but at what cost?

This second adventure takes place directly after the events of the first book with the same sly humor, heroic actions and unforgiving danger that are the hallmarks of this exciting series. With this installment, the world of the Ebon Knight expands and new mysteries in the Conflict are revealed with world shattering implications. Are you ready for more villains, more heroes, and more brutal battles where the “bad guys” might just have the upper hand? If that sounds like a good read to you, then welcome back!

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