The Dead Came Knocking by I. B. Meyer

The Dead Came Knocking by I. B. Meyer
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

The Caribbean dawn brings a chance at a new life… and a dead body.

Sten Dahl is wandering. The death of his wife has left him alone, directionless and embittered. After much drifting, he drops anchor in Grenada for some downtime. Until an unexpected thudding on the hull of his yacht finds him staring at the body of a dead young girl.

Now a suspect in a murder investigation, his future lies in the hands of Sergeant Amira Nelson of the Royal Grenada Police Force. Using his skills as a former police sergeant, he gains newfound purpose as he searches for the real murderer. It’s no easy task, especially when the murder turns out to be part of a bigger criminal operation.

When assassins strike and gun battles erupt on the peaceful island of Grenada, Sten and Amira are forced to help each other in a battle they were not prepared for, fighting an unseen enemy who is seemingly everywhere with unlimited resources. Are they up to the task?

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