The Dead of Night by Christy Barritt

The Dead of Night by Christy Barritt (True Crime Junkies #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A woman disappears in the dead of night as a haunting crime from the past comes to life again.

When a mysterious email leads true crime podcaster Mariella Boucher to southeast Alaska on a quest for the truth about her past, she never expects to plunge headfirst into danger. But when a stranger with a troubled history saves her life, she’s drawn into a five-year-old cold case that leaves her chilled to the bone.

Jason Somersby has been living in the shadow of suspicion ever since his girlfriend was murdered five years ago. When another woman disappears under similar circumstances, everyone in town looks at him with accusation—and to demand answers he doesn’t have.
Mariella brings in the other members of the Arctic Circle Murder Club to help find the killer and clear Jason’s name. But the more the team digs, the shakier the ground becomes. When it becomes clear one of their own is the next target, they must scramble to stop the killer before he claims another victim.

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