The Doctor’s Widow by Daniel Hurst

The Doctor’s Widow by Daniel Hurst (The Doctor’s Wife #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 355 KB

She trusted him. Now she’s paying the price…
I loved my husband, Doctor Drew Devlin, but he betrayed me. And now he’s dead.

As I put the key in the lock and open the door to the luxurious new home I’ve purchased with Drew’s life insurance money, I’m certain the worst days are behind me. My secret is safe, and I can’t wait to enjoy my new wealth and freedom.
Then I meet handsome Roger. I wasn’t looking for a relationship but as we spend our evenings drinking wine on my sunny terrace, I realise he’s just what I need right now. Roger is nothing like Drew, he’s spontaneous and romantic. And most of all, he’s honest.
He thinks I’m a rich, lonely woman. He’s wrong of course, there’s so much more to me…

But then one night, when we’re curled up in bed together, Roger says something that makes my blood run cold. I think he knows the truth about my life as the doctor’s wife.
I will do anything to stop my past from catching up with me… But is Roger really who he says he is? Or is my life now in danger?

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