The Exchange Student by AJ Carter

The Exchange Student by AJ Carter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Would you let a stranger into your home?
With Alyssa’s teenage daughter quickly becoming a recluse, she’s running out of ways to help her confidence. Naturally, she jumps at a last-minute offer from the school to send Summer on a student exchange.
This is her first mistake.

In Amsterdam, Summer struggles being alone in a foreign country. Except she’s not completely alone – Aart, the man of the house, keeps her under lock and key, terrifying her more with each aggressive outburst. She longs to escape and return home, but first she must find a way to understand the awful secret she finds in that house. The secret that leaves two big questions burning holes in her mind.
Who has taken her place back home, and is her mother safe?

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