The Fifth Guest by Jenny Knight

The Fifth Guest by Jenny Knight
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.4 MB

All of them are guilty of something…
Five friends. One deadly secret.

Five old university friends gather on the eve of their flatmate’s memorial at a beautiful riverside house.
Host Caro is as perfect as always.
Shy, awkward Lily’s now a bestselling author.
Sports hero George loves suburban fatherhood.
Bad-boy Travis only gets his highs from meditation.
And gatecrasher Elle is still a troublemaker.
Estranged for years, they’re finally ready to reminisce over dry martinis and delicious food. But there’s more than that on the menu…
Because each guest is hiding a dark secret about their time at Oxford.

They’re all guilty of something. Is one of them guilty of murder?

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