The Forest Where the Phoenix Sleeps by Brooke Marley Jones

The Forest Where the Phoenix Sleeps by Brooke Marley Jones
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Walking home late one night, burned-out barista Nell accidentally incinerates someone.


Now, if this tale began in a fantastic, far-away land, or Nell were, perhaps, a wizard, such a mishap might make some kind of sense. But this is not a wondrous, fantasy world. This is real life, and Nell just wanted to go home and eat macaroni. As Nell stares upon the smoldering corpse, she realizes something with horrifying certainty: She’s magic.
And not the cute, pulling-a-rabbit-from-a-hat kind of magic.
Unfortunately, during Nell’s little outburst, she suffers a mortal injury. Fortunately, Darragh, a rugged and magical outcast, witnessed the entire incident. To save Nell’s life, Darragh whisks her away to a world where magic reigns. However, as is so often the case with magic, it comes at a price. In this harsh world, the entities that lurk in the darkest corners of Nell’s nightmares await her in hungry anticipation.

As Nell and Darragh vanquish monsters and ghouls, their affections for one another take root. Just when this treacherous tale is beginning to look like a love story, Darragh is captured by a wretched, cadaverous queen.

Now, it’s up to Nell to save him.

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