The Forgotten Goddess by Rebekah Sinclair

The Forgotten Goddess by Rebekah Sinclair
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Library of Alexandria has been lost. The truth of history has been hidden from us. The God of War rules the earth, and we desperately need a savior.

Rhea has always known she was different but never imagined that her secrets would lead her down a path of danger and adventure. After a tragic accident that killed her family as a child, Rhea has kept her powers over the elements hidden, but when Ares, the God of War, begins hunting her, she realizes that her past is not quite as it seems.

As she navigates a world filled with danger and betrayal, Rhea discovers that the Greek gods are not just myths but real and powerful beings. With her life in danger and the fate of the world at stake, Rhea must decide whether to run away or stay and fight.

With the help of ancient mythology’s most famous gods and goddesses, Rhea embarks on a journey to confront the God of War and protect those she loves. As she delves deeper into her powers and the truth about her past, Rhea must come to terms with her true nature and embrace her destiny.

Will she be able to harness her powers to save the world from destruction, or will her powers consume her? Find out in this thrilling tale of magic and mythology.

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