The Freelance Mindset by Joy Batra

The Freelance Mindset: Unleashing Your Side Hustles for Better Work, Play, and Life by Joy Batra
English | 2023 | Self Help

Offers concrete ways to navigate the uncertainty of freelancing to build a life that is financially and emotionally rewarding.

In The Freelance Mindset we discover our illusions about the way we work are just that—stories we make up, or, worse, stories that were made up for us. The current way of work is, in fact, not working for us, but there is another path forward: one that leverages our innate creativity and human need to make a living. Readers here discover what pulls us toward freelancing, develop tools to meet its challenges, and realize that we can succeed as either freelancers or traditional employees.

What we cannot do is go back to seeing the world in the limited nine-to-five way we once did. Author Joy Batra compares traditional employment with the freelance lifestyle and keenly observes the gaps between the two. She shares concrete ways to help current and future freelancers navigate the uncertainty of freelancing in order to build a life that is both financially and emotionally rewarding.

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