The Hauntings of Mia Rush by Amy Cross

The Hauntings of Mia Rush by Amy Cross
English | 2023 | Horror

Mia Rush’s life is perfect. She has the perfect husband, the perfect baby and the perfect home. If she could freeze time and have nothing ever change again, she would.
The only way is down.
As she settles into her new home, Mia starts to notice strange noises. At first she convinces herself that she must be imagining things, but a shocking event at a dinner party leaves her certain that there’s a presence in the house. When this presence starts making itself known to her husband, she realizes that her entire family might be in danger.

Soon, Mia finds herself trapped in a desperate struggle for survival. Who or what is the ghostly figure haunting her family, and what does it want with her daughter? Could the house’s seemingly perfect history have something to do with what’s happening in the present day? And why does Mia feel as if her own daughter is starting to hate her?
The Hauntings of Mia Rush is a ghost story about a woman whose life starts to fall apart, about a family that wants nothing more than to stay together, and about a ghostly presence that desperately wants one more chance at a happy ending.

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