The Hollow Husband by Cole Baxter

The Hollow Husband by Cole Baxter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Stella has finally met her dream man. But is David too good to be true?
Stella Greene has finally met her dream man. David is wealthy, successful, polished, and seductive. He’s got her back when an angry ex comes to call. He shares her taste in everything from wine to music. Her parents love him.
The couple are thrilled when Stella falls pregnant. David has always been attentive, but now that Stella is carrying his child, he becomes downright controlling. He claims he’s only worried about her and the baby. But Stella becomes fearful. How well does she really know her husband?

Meanwhile, there’s a serial killer loose in their small resort town, murdering young, attractive men. A fan of true crime stories, Stella takes a keen interest in the killings and soon finds herself drawn into a darker world than she ever imagined.
When men linked to Stella are the next victims, she begins to fear that someone close to her might be the killer. Could it be her beloved husband?
Her doubts only grow when she sees a sketch of the killer. He looks a lot like David.
Shocked and disbelieving, she hides her fears from David. As she goes hunting for the truth, she begins to suspect David more and more. Will Stella’s worst fears be realized? Is she married to a serial killer and carrying his child?

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