The Housewife’s Secret by Anna-Lou Weatherley

The Housewife’s Secret by Anna-Lou Weatherley (Detective Dan Riley #7)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

I cast my eyes over the impressive meal I’ve cooked and the half-empty crystal wine glasses. As our guests smile graciously, I squeeze my husband’s shoulder. It’s vital I get his friends to like me. To believe this version of me. Because I’ll do anything to stop them learning the truth…
Ever since I met my handsome husband Dr Gabe Bonneville, I started playing the role of the perfect housewife. He works hard as a surgeon, so I look after our home, and throw elaborate dinner parties with champagne cocktails for his best friends Hugh and Anita. He’s my safe place and my chance to have the family I’ve always wanted.

I’ve managed to hide the mornings when I wake up and see a face in the shadows. I haven’t told Gabe the truth about the woman who raised me, or told him about the therapy I’ve been getting so my secrets stay hidden in the dark. I haven’t questioned his past so he doesn’t ask about mine. I see the way Anita looks at him sometimes, but I’ll never say a word.

Until the letter arrives at the front door. The beautiful, expensive card shakes in my hand as I read the neat black handwriting.
Someone knows I’m not just a housewife. And the lies I’ve told will be all that’s left when I disappear…

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