The Inheritance by Samantha Hayes

The Inheritance by Samantha Hayes
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 506 KB

I thought he took my secret to the grave. But the truth can’t stay buried forever…
In the wake of my darling husband’s death, I am so lucky to have my three beautiful, grown-up daughters by my side at our holiday home in Scotland. We need some time together, to recover from the shock. But I also need to set some things straight about their beloved father…
I’ve always known this house was the perfect place to bury secrets – remote, isolated, surrounded by nothing but miles of dense forest.

But this time I’m not here to hide more of my lies. I’m here to expose one.
I promise everything I’ve ever done has been to protect my daughters. I just hope they understand that too…

By the end of the trip, nothing will ever be the same again. I knew revealing the truth about the inheritance would have consequences, but I could never have imagined we wouldn’t all survive it.
And now the truth is out, am I in danger too…?

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