The Lost Girls by Caroline Clark

The Lost Girls by Caroline Clark
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

In the historic heart of Lincoln City, darkness preys, and innocence is lost.
Amidst the cobblestones and charm of an ancient city, a malevolent force emerges, turning the quaint streets into a deadly hunting ground.

When 13-year-old Sophie Wilkinson vanishes, everyone hopes she is lost or has run away. Hope turns to despair when Sophie is found murdered four days later. As another girl goes missing, a chilling pattern emerges. A serial killer is stalking these lonely streets.
Once a beacon in Lincoln’s Police Force, Moira Foster retreated to a quieter life as a private detective after a haunting case left scars on her soul. Alongside her loyal dog, Rose, she’s been pulled back into the fray. A serial killer, echoing ghosts of her past, lurks in her city’s shadows. Moira knows she should distance herself, but the pull is irresistible. She can not let another child down.

As Lincoln’s picturesque facade shatters and buried secrets claw their way out, will Moira decode the mystery in time? Or will another girl be claimed by the lurking evil?

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