The Murder Trail by DG Penny

The Murder Trail by DG Penny
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Can a rookie cop stop a serial killer before another life is lost?
Three months after moving out of uniform, DC Izzy Wilde wants to make an impression. But sometimes she can’t help going off track. It’s got her in trouble before.

As first responder to a monstrous death at a remote farm, she discovers a slain wife whose eight-month-old daughter is missing. And there is a stranger abandoned in the kitchen who cannot be woken.
Seconded to the Murder Team with her partner, DS Jack Ward, Izzy fears they may never crack the case. The dead woman has a torrid secret that puts her husband in the frame for her murder. Izzy endeavours to uncover evidence as she fights her own demons. And all the while the killer is choosing his next victim.

When the identity of the abandoned girl is discovered it reshapes the investigation. Relentlessly pursuing the evidence, Izzy and Jack uncover more secrets. As they do the boldness of the killer is made clear.
Can Izzy and Jack unmask the killer whose only plan is to slay at random, or will they become his next victims?

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