The New Husband by Brian R. O’Rourke

The New Husband by Brian R. O’Rourke
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 343 KB

Mary always dreamed of a perfect husband. Now she’s got one.

When Mary’s husband Brent returns from a month-long wellness retreat, he seems like a totally different person.

Before he went away, Brent was anxious, depressed, and in danger of losing his job.
Now, he’s decisive, optimistic, and full of energy. He also has big plans to start his own business … big plans which require a lot of capital.
As Mary spends more time around her husband, she begins to realise just how much he’s changed in every little way. Is the man she’s living with really the same person she married?

And who is the guy in the grey SUV who keeps following her? Does he know something sinister about her husband?

Little by little, Mary realizes Brent has been hiding a dark secret about what really happened on that wellness retreat. And as she draws closer to the horrifying truth, she finds herself trapped in a nightmare beyond her wildest imaginings.

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