The Perfect Gift by Winter K. Willis

The Perfect Gift by Winter K. Willis
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Chloe, a woman leading a double life as a mysterious international pop star, seeks solace with her best friend at an idyllic island resort. Her peaceful retreat is soon shattered by unsettling gifts from an unknown sender—each item a fragment of her concealed identity and a remnant of her past. The situation threatens her safety and the life she has built.

Chloe’s quest for answers twists and turns into a labyrinth of psychological intrigue. The unnervingly personal gifts hint at a sender who knows not only her secret stardom, but also details of her childhood. Chloe’s investigation exposes a sinister cover-up, entangling her with the resort’s dark past.

In this page-turner, everyone is a suspect and each revelation is a piece of a puzzle, leading Chloe closer to a truth that threatens the perfect facade of her life. What dark secrets will Chloe uncover as she peels back the layers of her perfect getaway, where every gift whispers a truth from her past?

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