The Price of Betrayal by Edie Baylis

The Price of Betrayal by Edie Baylis (Scarred #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 704 KB

With his brother, Marco, away on honeymoon, Zane Morelli has one chance to get enough men together to take back possession of his firm and his life.

Locating previous loyal members of his firm before his brother took the reins is proving easier said than done and although Zane is prepared to wait for a certain amount of time to ensure things are right, Erin can’t.

Each passing day unable to take revenge for Marco’s past deeds as well as putting a stop to the abhorrent ventures that are now being carried out is a further twist of the knife – one which threatens to slice through her and Zane’s fledgling relationship.

Something has to be done but at what cost?

And how will Marco’s new wife, Hazel, react when she realises the man she’s just married isn’t the true heir to the Morelli empire after all?

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