The Strayed by Meike Woermann

The Strayed by Meike Woermann (Golden Eyed #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the unforgiving Mines, Ayda’s boots sink into icy mud, mirroring the fate of all who dwell there. Life in the Mines means certain death, whether you’re born into it or condemned as a criminal. Ayda feels the weight of her existence with every step, her worn-out boots a testament to her struggles.

In 700 years, not a single soul has escaped slavery. The Mines a fortress, guarded by imposing walls, vigilant Watchers, and mysterious Magiks at the Rim. Perhaps it’s the fear for family that keeps them trapped, the thought of their suffering haunting every rebellious thought.

The burden of her chains grow heavier, the air thickening with each passing day. Fuelled by a mixture of anger and determination, Ayda finds herself standing at a crossroads. The pain of her existence igniting a spark within her.

With resolve hardening, Ayda makes a decision. Her anger transforms into a quiet determination, a silent promise to herself. It’s time to choose a different path, to challenge the oppressive destiny that ensnares her. In the face of daunting odds, Ayda steps into the shadows, her heart steady, prepared to confront the unknown and fight for her freedom.

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