The Trap by Gregg Dunnett

The Trap by Gregg Dunnett (Detective Erica Sands #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A twisted killer. His estranged daughter. A shared obsession with murder.

Erica Sands keeps her family legacy locked away – very few people know that her father is in a high-security prison, forever stained by the blood of his many victims. But when the body of a woman is found in an isolated cottage, a cryptic note concealed nearby, Erica is once more dragged into her father’s dark orbit.

As Erica investigates the chilling scene, she uncovers eerie threads tying the murder to her own shadowy past. But before she can unravel the mystery, her father gets in touch – claiming to possess crucial information about the case. The thought of seeing him sickens her, but she knows ignoring the invitation could be almost as dangerous as accepting it…
The investigation takes a harrowing turn when twin girls are snatched from the local school gates on a sunny afternoon. Could these innocent children be the killer’s next trophies?

With a sophisticated predator still on the loose, and Erica’s father doing everything he can to break her, the stakes have never been higher.

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