The Trials of Lila Dalton by L. J. Shepherd

The Trials of Lila Dalton by L. J. Shepherd
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

An inventive and ambitious speculative courtroom thriller – Shutter Island meets The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

‘I look up to find twelve strangers staring back at me… I realise I’m the one they’re waiting for.’

Lila Dalton has no memory of how she got to this courtroom. The man in the docks is accused of mass murder, and she’s his barrister – but she can’t remember anything about the case. She can’t remember anything at all.
Lila is stranded on an island hundreds of miles from the UK, where the most serious crimes go to trial. The next plane out doesn’t leave for days.

And she’s being watched. Someone keeps breaking into her hotel room to leave cryptic notes, threatening her with deadly consequences if she doesn’t get her client off…
Can Lila Dalton win her case and solve the mystery of her own identity?

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