The Wilby Conspiracy by Peter Driscoll

The Wilby Conspiracy by Peter Driscoll
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Mining engineer Jim Keogh is enjoying a relaxing break in Cape Town when he witnesses a sadistic policemen’s violent attempt to arrest a black man.
Appalled by the policeman’s brutality, Keogh steps in and helps the man escape.
But unknown to Keogh, the man he has helped is Shack Twala, a high-profile black rights activist recently escaped from Robben Island.

With the policeman badly injured, Keogh and Twala are now both wanted men, and the regime’s most lethal operatives are sent after them.
As the fugitives race 900 miles to cross the border to safety, they are drawn into a conspiracy much bigger and deadlier than they realize…

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