The Witch of Silver Mesa by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox

The Witch of Silver Mesa by J.R. Rain, Matthew S. Cox (Zeb Clemens #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Marshal Zeb Clemens usually goes out looking for trouble—but sometimes, it finds him first.
The town of Silver Mesa seemed ideal for him: not too large, not too small, neither too remote nor too close to civilization… and even a woman he fancies. It’s the perfect home town for a man who cannot die.
For Zeb, death is a painful inconvenience… provided he keeps a particular ancient goddess happy. Having to hunt down not-so-mythical beasts every so often is a small price to pay.

Strange things start happening right in Zeb’s backyard after the arrival of the town’s newest resident. People are talking. This young woman is too young to have the money she seems to have. She’s too old to not be married. She’s too pretty, and far too independent. She’s avoiding Pastor Eli’s church, and worst of all, she moved into a house outside town that everyone knows is cursed by evil.
People are talking. They say a witch has come to Silver Mesa. They just might be right.
Deputy Marshal Zeb Clemens doesn’t know what to believe, but one thing is certain: it’s about to get weird.
Luckily, weird is what he knows best.

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