Thunderplump by Dakota Krout

Thunderplump by Dakota Krout (The Completionist Chronicles #11)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A challenge is issued. The sky begins to fall. That’s no mountain.
Joe and the Dwarves are doing more than surviving in the harsh climate of Jotunheim: they’re thriving. The Ritualist’s improvements to their defenses are paying dividends; and he’s hailed as a genius for ending threats before they come into striking distance of the burgeoning City. Every day, the Town expands further, allowing for more facilities, a larger population, and drawing in ever-more monsters.
So many beasts that the walls are no longer enough.

Even worse, the upgrade to ascend to City-tier came without warning, and Joe is pushed to the limit to make sure that his friends, allies, and hard work survive the onrushing waves of teeth and flesh. As the citizens of Novusheim face off against a seemingly endless horde, a Legendary monster appears on the horizon—its eyes fixed on Novusheim as it begins to cast grand workings of ice and snow.
The storm isn’t just brewing. It’s already here.

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