Thunderstrike by Joshua James, Daniel Young

Thunderstrike by Joshua James, Daniel Young
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 1.2 MB

It’s a ruthless universe out there, with humanity reigning supreme, treating alien lives as mere collateral in their unending quest for dominion. Yet, amidst this injustice, a band of alien warriors rise against the odds. They’re not just soldiers; they’re Thunderstrike.

Once enslaved, these alien fighters have earned their freedom by shedding blood for Earth, serving in a military that values them less than the humans they protect. Their grit and valor have carved out a reputation that precedes them across the galaxy. But now, they find themselves wrongfully accused, their honor at stake.

In the fallout of a botched mission, they stand accused of a crime they did not commit. Their names are tarnished, and they’re being used as scapegoats for a burgeoning threat that promises doom for humanity.

But Thunderstrike is not just a name, it’s a testament to their resilience. Now on the run, these warriors must do what no one else dares. They must navigate a universe that seeks their downfall, to bring the real culprits to justice and restore their tarnished honor.

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